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Candy Crush 109 | Candy Crush Guide


Right now there is an urgent problem online.  Candy Crush Saga has become the number 1 gaming app in the world but the difficulty of several specific levels has become a roadblock for many of us!  Too many people are sacrificing valuable social lives to get better at this game.  The time it takes to pass several key levels and the frustration of the game is sucking the potential fun away.  This has caused many of us to give up and miss out on all the game has to offer.  This is what happened to me.  You see, I’m probably a lot like you.  Some days I would truck right along passing level after level thinking this game is easy.  It was during those times that I just couldn’t see what all the fuss is about.  Then, as it usually does, just as soon as my confidence was built up and I was making great progress all of a sudden I would find myself stuck on a level that I couldn’t pass for weeks!  Talk about frustrating.  Actually, “frustrating” is not a strong enough word, it sucked!  That’s actually why I built this website.  The more I talked to people the more I realized that I wasn’t the only one who was kind of addicted to this game.  Better yet, I wasn’t the only one who would spend hours and sometimes days just trying to beat the next level.  It was crazy!  You may be wondering why this site is entitled Candy Crush 109.  Well, that would be a good question and the reason is that was the first level to haunt my dreams!  I mean no matter what I did, I could not pass it.  I would have done anything just to see the beautiful “level 110″ pop up on my screen.  Long story short, as you can probably guess I was able to beat it.. finally… Fast forward a few months this site was born.  Anyway, I digress… In the end my goal is to not let this happen to you.  My name is Pete and I’m a Candy Crush Addict.  There I said it.. That’s the first step right :)   I hope you find this site and guide useful and ultimately my goal is to not let my experience happen to you!

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Unique Promise

I can remember it vividly.  It was a rainy Saturday afternoon that turned it all around for me.  I had just woken up from an afternoon power nap and I was surfing the net as I usually do when I found “it.”  This was it.  I had finally discovered the blueprint that ultimately allowed me to level up faster and with more ease that I could have ever expected.  Better yet it allowed me to do it without sacrificing any more of my precious time and social life.  This guide I’m going to show you lays it out there in a way that describes some of the best techniques and most effective strategies to specifically dominate all of the most difficult levels in no time.  Yes, even Level 109!

Unquestionable Proof

I’m really not sure how much proof I can provide in just a few sentences but I do want to highlight two things that I learned from the guide that helped me tremendously and will probably help you.  First I learned how to get unlimited lives.  As you know, once you run out of lives, its pretty much game over for the day.  This trick along was probably worth the price of the guide in lives saved.  Second, I learned how to get a ton of boosts and charms to level up faster.  I did grab a few quotes from others that have used the guide just to give you a quick perspective from a few others as well.

I just started under a week ago and am completely amazed at the information in this guide.  I never thought someone else’s strategies could have helped me so much!  My friends are jealous of my scores.  If they only knew my secret..

- Steven M.

This guide has changed how I play Candy Crush, even more than I thought was possible.  Without the guide, I spent 1 week getting to Level 30 but after using the secrets, it only took me 3 more days to get to Level 97 and now I’m on cruise control.

- J Sung.

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Yea It Worked For Them, But What About Me?

I know what you’re probably thinking.  Sure this little guide worked for a few guys mentioned above but will it work for me?  How easy is this guide to follow?  Is there a huge learning curve before it starts to help you?  These are all great questions and all I can tell you is once you open the guide up and begin reading you can see how actionable these tips and hints are.  They will immediately help take your game up a few notches.  Once you complete the guide there is no reason you cannot be a Crush master.  It worked for me and will work for you.


Candy Crush 109 | Candy Crush Guide